Monday, October 12, 2020

YouTube gear

 This is a list of some of the equipment I use to make YouTube videos. This includes cameras, microphones, lights...etc.  


I set up a few areas in the shop to mount little action cameras or GoPro type cameras. These are small and stay out of the way for the most part as I go about using machinery. 


I use a few different microphones when recording. For voice overs I prefer this one. It’s part of the amazon basic line but it is actually an exceptional microphone. I recommend getting a pop screen for this microphone. It is highly sensitive and will pick up a everything. I will be making a egg carton sound proofing box. will let you know how well that works. The voice over in my longer videos is done with this mic. You can hear the difference in quality from the shorter vids which is done through my phone or iPad. 

I use this mic to record exclusively with my Windows os laptop. I have yet to try it with other devices but will update this post when that happens. 

The other microphone I use is a smaller mic that works well for me in the shop for direct recording and shop noise. It works with the iPad and my iPhone but it does require adapters to connect and work. 

My workshop is quite dark. The walls are dark and most areas aren’t well lit so for sometimes a bit more light is required that why I also use these lights hey are cheap I mainly use them for product photos and adding light to areas I want to focus on. To avoid harsh lighting I bounce the light off of some white card stock that I usually have in the shop. A diffuser would also help. 

After everything is recorded it gets edited on my iPad Pro. I prefer to use adobe rush (limited free app). It is very similar to iMovie which is also free and comes with the iPad software. 

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