Sunday, November 1, 2020

Tools, Tricks and Tips for the Workshop!

Using the dewalt 4.5” circular saw

In this video I show you how I use my super portable cordless Dewalt 4.5 inch circular saw. I also show you how to make 2 very useful jigs for making quick cross cuts and rip cuts. This little saw doesn’t take up much space. It’s light weight, portable and cut wood up to 1.5 inches thick and can handle plywood as well. 
The simple crosscut jig for your circular saw: Using Thin CA glue and accelerator guarantees nothing shifts while driving in the screws. And after that first cut is made you have a reference for all subsequent cuts simply line the end of the jig to your line and cut. 
I recommend using a wider board so the jig is more ridged. Guide track jig is simply a thin piece if MDF and a straight piece of wood. It’s made in a a similar fashion as the crosscut jig and can be used for cutting plywood or making rip cuts. All that is needed is a clamp to secure it down. 

 Izzy Swan’s Tablesaw Infeed Saddle

I recently purchased an infeed attachment for my sawstop table saw. It’s made by Izzy Swan. This thing is a must have for anyone who uses a table saw. It lets you use the miter gauge past the table which if you’ve ever tried doing it’s pretty much impossible to get an accurate cut. It also makes cutting sheet goods easier and most importantly safer. You no longer have to pull a balancing act to get it done. It’s easy to assemble. Easily attached and removed when not in use. I highly recommend this infeed table. I purchased mine directly from his site He makes different versions for different saw types and brands. Thumbsy approved ;-).

Turn an Old Pullsaw into a Cabinet Scraper

In this video I show you how I turn an old pull saw into a card scraper. I usually go through about one saw per year. Since I use the cheaper saws as my beater saws the get ruined pretty quick. This is a great way to bring new life to an old worn out saw

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