Sunday, July 5, 2020

Whimsical Birdhouse Build

In this video I show step by step how to make this Whimsical birdhouse. Its sure to bring a smile to your back yard. I used an 8 foot cedar deck board for this build. I also show you how to carve details using a bench chisel and a knife. And to take it a step further I decided to add contrast to the roof in a non traditional way. I painted it with FIRE! I also show you a few tricks along the way! I used a table saw for most of this build but you can use a variety of tools with the same results. I built this birdhouse to attract local nesting birds in my area. But you can adjust this birdhouse for the birds that you want to attract.

Air BnB (read as Air bird and beak) 

I live in New York, there are a lot of bird species that might call this birdhouse a home. This all based on my own online research, I am not an expert ornithologist. But I do play one on TV. 

The hole opening and floor size, as well as the hole height. (1 1/4 inch opening minimum 6 inches from the house floor. With a floor space of 4 1/2 x 4 1/2.) 

Cavity nesting birds 

Nut hatches

House sparrows

Downy woodpeckers





You can adjust this birdhouse to fit other birds as well. Birds that larger hole and slightly larger floor space. 

Yellow belly sap sucker

Blue birds

Tree swallows

Rough Cut list 

Cedar deck board 

Actual size 1 inch x 5.5 inches x 96

All cross cuts unless otherwise specified 

Face and back

2x 14 inches 


2x 7 inches


4 inches


4x 6 inches

Then into 1/2 inch strips 

5 from each board

Leave 4x 1 1/2 inch pieces for ears/sides

Back panel 

Cut this last! 

24 inches

7 Screws 

1 1/2 inches long

21 gauge pin nails

1 inch and 5/8

Eye hook