Thursday, June 11, 2020

Making a magnetic chalkboard.

Here’s a quick, simple build. Making a magnetic chalkboard. 
In this my video, I go over the steps and show how to make an old fashioned chalk board. Good for indoor or outdoor displays. Teachers, stores fronts, moms, dads and kids can all enjoy using this chalkboard.
Super simple to make. I used a table saw, a handsaw, a chisel, a small hand plane and a drill.  If you don't have a table saw you can make this using any saw and a router. 
The materials can be found at most home stores.


1/4 in 24x48 exterior grade plywood sheet

24x36 26 gauge galvanized sheet

Chalk board paint

Paint primer

120 grit sandpaper

Pva glue 

Cedar 1x6 decking board (4ft used)



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